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Moving from New Jersey to Oklahoma as a family-oriented person can offer several positive aspects and improvements in various aspects of life. Here are some reasons to consider:  


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Oklahoma generally has a lower cost of living compared to New Jersey. Housing, groceries, and other everyday expenses can be more affordable, allowing families to save money or enjoy a higher standard of living.  

Housing costs: One of the most significant expenses for families is housing. In Oklahoma, the cost of purchasing or renting a home is generally more affordable compared to New Jersey. Whether you’re looking for a spacious suburban home or a rural property with land, you’ll find a wider range of options at more affordable price points.  

Property taxes: Oklahoma has relatively lower property tax rates compared to New Jersey. This means that homeowners can save a substantial amount of money on their annual property tax bills, allowing them to allocate those funds towards other family needs or investments.  

Cost of living: Overall, the cost of living in Oklahoma is lower than in New Jersey. This includes expenses such as groceries, transportation, healthcare, and utilities. Families can benefit from reduced everyday costs, which can lead to increased disposable income and the ability to allocate more resources towards family-oriented activities, savings, or investments.

Family-friendly communities: 

Oklahoma is known for its strong sense of community and family values. Many neighborhoods in Oklahoma prioritize family-oriented activities and events, making it easier to connect with like-minded individuals and build a support system.  

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Tight-knit neighborhoods: Oklahoma communities often foster a close-knit atmosphere where neighbors look out for one another. People are friendly, welcoming, and eager to connect with new residents, creating a sense of belonging and support for families.  

Community events and gatherings: Oklahoma communities frequently organize family-oriented events and gatherings, such as block parties, festivals, farmers markets, and holiday celebrations. These events offer opportunities for families to come together, socialize, and build connections with their neighbors.  

Supportive networks: Oklahoma communities often have strong support networks and organizations that cater to families’ needs. These could include parent-teacher associations, youth sports leagues, community centers, and local clubs or groups that focus on specific hobbies or interests. These networks can provide valuable resources, information, and a sense of community for families.

Spacious living: 

Oklahoma offers a more relaxed and spacious lifestyle compared to the crowded urban areas of New Jersey. There are plenty of open spaces, parks, and recreational areas where families can spend quality time together, enjoying outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and picnicking.  

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Larger homes and properties: Compared to the limited space and higher housing density in many parts of New Jersey, Oklahoma offers more spacious living options. Whether you prefer a suburban home with a large backyard or a rural property with ample land, you’ll find more affordable and readily available options in Oklahoma. This extra space allows families to have more room for activities, hobbies, and quality time together.  

Open landscapes and natural beauty: Oklahoma is known for its wide-open spaces, expansive prairies, and breathtaking natural beauty. Families can enjoy the vastness of the outdoors, with opportunities for activities like hiking, biking, camping, and exploring nature trails. The spacious landscapes provide a sense of freedom and tranquility, allowing families to connect with nature and enjoy outdoor adventures.  

Access to recreational areas: Oklahoma boasts numerous state parks, lakes, and recreational areas where families can unwind and engage in various activities. Whether it’s boating, fishing, swimming, or simply having a picnic, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy recreational pursuits in the vast open spaces that Oklahoma offers.

Education opportunities: 

Oklahoma has a number of excellent schools and universities, providing a solid education for children and young adults. The state is committed to investing in education, ensuring that your children have access to quality academic institutions.  

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Public school system: Oklahoma has a comprehensive public school system that is committed to providing a quality education to students. The state invests in the development of curriculum, teacher training, and educational programs to ensure students receive a well-rounded education.  

Magnet and specialized schools: Oklahoma offers magnet and specialized schools that focus on specific subjects or areas of interest. These schools provide enhanced educational opportunities, such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) programs, performing arts, and vocational training, allowing students to explore their passions and develop specialized skills.  

Charter schools: Oklahoma has a number of charter schools, which are public schools with increased autonomy and flexibility in their curriculum and teaching methods. Charter schools often offer unique educational approaches, specialized programs, and smaller class sizes, providing families with alternative options that cater to their children’s specific needs and interests.

Cultural experiences: 

Oklahoma has a rich cultural heritage, including Native American traditions and western influences. You and your family can explore unique attractions such as museums, historical sites, festivals, and fairs that celebrate the state’s diverse culture.

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Native American heritage: Oklahoma has a deep connection to Native American culture and history. The state is home to numerous Native American tribes, including the Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole. Families can explore Native American museums, cultural centers, and historical sites to learn about the traditions, art, and contributions of these indigenous communities.  

Western heritage: Oklahoma has a strong Western heritage, influenced by its history as a frontier state. Families can immerse themselves in cowboy culture by visiting rodeos, attending Western-themed events and festivals, or exploring cowboy museums. Oklahoma also hosts events such as reenactments of Wild West shows and historical trail drives, providing a glimpse into the state’s Western past.  

Music and arts scene: Oklahoma has a vibrant music and arts scene that showcases a wide range of genres and styles. From country and bluegrass to jazz and blues, the state has produced renowned musicians and artists. Families can enjoy live performances at music venues, theaters, and outdoor festivals, where they can experience the rich musical heritage and diverse artistic expressions of Oklahoma.