Move from New Jersey to Louisiana scaled
Move to Louisiana from New Jersey scaled

There are many great reasons why a family-oriented person may want to consider moving from New Jersey to Louisiana. Here are some of the positives of Louisiana that may be an improvement from the old location:

Strong sense of community: 

Louisiana is known for its friendly and welcoming people. The state has a strong sense of community, and residents often form close-knit bonds with their neighbors. This can provide a great support system for families.

One of the standout characteristics of Louisiana is its strong sense of community. From small towns to larger cities, people in Louisiana tend to be friendly and welcoming to newcomers. This creates a sense of belonging and connection for families who move to the state.

In Louisiana, you’re likely to find neighbors who look out for each other and help each other in times of need. People often get to know their neighbors well, whether it’s through neighborhood gatherings, block parties, or simply chatting over the fence. This sense of community can be especially comforting for families with children, who may appreciate having a close-knit network of people they can rely on.

Additionally, Louisiana has a strong tradition of volunteerism and community involvement. Many residents are passionate about giving back to their communities and making a difference in the lives of others. This can be seen through events like charity fundraisers, neighborhood cleanups, and community service projects. Families who are looking to get involved in their local community will find plenty of opportunities to do so in Louisiana.

Another aspect of Louisiana’s strong sense of community is its emphasis on family values. Family is highly valued in Louisiana, and many events and activities are geared towards families with children. For example, many towns have parks and playgrounds that are well-maintained and provide a safe place for children to play. Families can also take advantage of events like farmers’ markets, music festivals, and holiday parades, which often feature activities for kids.

Affordable cost of living: 


Louisiana has a lower cost of living compared to many other states, including New Jersey. This can make it easier for families to save money and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Louisiana is known for its affordable cost of living, which can make it an attractive destination for families looking to save money without sacrificing quality of life. Here are some of the ways that Louisiana’s cost of living can be advantageous for families:

Housing costs: One of the biggest expenses for most families is housing, and Louisiana offers relatively low housing costs compared to many other states. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, you can find affordable options in most areas of the state. For example, the median home value in Louisiana is around $170,000, compared to over $400,000 in New Jersey.

Lower taxes: Louisiana also has a lower overall tax burden compared to many other states. The state has no personal income tax, which can be a significant savings for families. Additionally, property taxes in Louisiana tend to be lower than in many other states.

Affordable groceries: The cost of groceries and other household goods in Louisiana is generally lower than in many other parts of the country. This can help families save money on their day-to-day expenses, leaving more room in the budget for other things.

Lower healthcare costs: Healthcare costs can be a major expense for families, and Louisiana offers relatively low healthcare costs compared to many other states. This can be particularly advantageous for families with children who may need regular medical care.

Lower transportation costs: Transportation costs, including gas prices and car insurance, tend to be lower in Louisiana compared to many other states. This can help families save money on their daily commute or when traveling around the state.

Great food: 

Louisiana is famous for its delicious food, including gumbo, jambalaya, and po-boys. The state also has a thriving culinary scene, with many excellent restaurants to choose from.

Louisiana is widely known for its amazing food and culinary traditions, which can be a major draw for families who enjoy exploring new cuisine and dining experiences. Here are some of the reasons why Louisiana’s food scene is so exceptional:

Diversity of cuisine: Louisiana’s food scene is a melting pot of different cultures and culinary traditions, with influences from French, Spanish, African, and Caribbean cuisine. This has resulted in a unique blend of flavors and dishes that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

Seafood: With its location on the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana is known for its incredible seafood. From shrimp and crawfish to oysters and crab, there are plenty of delicious seafood dishes to try in Louisiana.

Cajun and Creole cuisine: Cajun and Creole cuisine are perhaps the most famous culinary traditions in Louisiana. These cuisines are known for their bold flavors and use of spices like cayenne pepper and paprika. Popular dishes include gumbo, jambalaya, and red beans and rice.

Farm-to-table dining: Louisiana is home to many farms and producers who are dedicated to sustainable and organic farming practices. This has led to a rise in farm-to-table dining options, where families can enjoy fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in their meals.

Festivals and food events: Louisiana is home to many food festivals and events throughout the year, where families can sample different foods and learn about the state’s culinary traditions. These events include the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the Louisiana Seafood Festival, and the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival.

Outdoor activities:

Louisiana has a mild climate that makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities year-round. The state has many parks, lakes, and rivers where families can go hiking, fishing, or boating.

ouisiana is a state that offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activities, which can be a great draw for families who enjoy spending time in nature and exploring the outdoors. Here are some of the reasons why Louisiana is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts:

Mild climate: Louisiana has a subtropical climate that is warm and humid, with mild winters and long, hot summers. This climate makes it possible to enjoy outdoor activities year-round, including in the winter months.

National and state parks: Louisiana is home to many national and state parks, including the Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve, Kisatchie National Forest, and the Bayou Segnette State Park. These parks offer opportunities for hiking, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Water activities: With its location on the Gulf of Mexico and many lakes and rivers, Louisiana is a great destination for water activities like fishing, boating, and kayaking. Families can enjoy a day on the water, exploring Louisiana’s many waterways and enjoying the natural beauty of the state.

Hunting: Louisiana is a great destination for hunting, with abundant wildlife including deer, ducks, and alligators. Many families enjoy hunting together as a way to spend time in nature and bond over a shared passion.

Rich culture and history:

Louisiana has a unique culture that is heavily influenced by French, Spanish, and African-American traditions. The state is also home to many historic sites, such as plantations and museums, that offer a glimpse into the state’s rich history.

Louisiana is a state with a rich and diverse culture and history, which can be a major draw for families who are interested in learning about the past and experiencing different cultural traditions. Here are some of the reasons why Louisiana’s culture and history are so unique and fascinating:

French and Spanish influences: Louisiana was originally settled by French and Spanish explorers, and their influence can still be seen in the state’s architecture, cuisine, and language. New Orleans, in particular, has a strong French influence, with many buildings and neighborhoods dating back to the city’s early history.

African-American culture: Louisiana also has a strong African-American culture, particularly in the realm of music. Jazz, blues, and other genres of music that originated in the African-American community have deep roots in Louisiana, and many famous musicians got their start in the state.

Mardi Gras: Mardi Gras is perhaps the most famous cultural event in Louisiana, and it is celebrated throughout the state in the weeks leading up to Lent. Mardi Gras is known for its colorful parades, music, and food, and it is a great way for families to experience the state’s unique culture and traditions.

Plantations: Louisiana was once home to many large plantations, particularly in the southern part of the state. Today, many of these plantations have been preserved and offer tours that provide a glimpse into the state’s past.