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There are many great reasons to consider moving to Arkansas from New Jersey, particularly if you are a family-oriented person. Here are a few positives of Arkansas that might appeal to you:

Affordable cost of living: 

Arkansas has a lower cost of living compared to many other states in the US. This means that your family can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank. Housing costs, in particular, are much lower in Arkansas compared to New Jersey.When we say that Arkansas has an affordable cost of living, we mean that the state’s prices for goods and services, such as housing, groceries, healthcare, and transportation, are generally lower than in many other states, including New Jersey.

For example, according to data from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, as of the second quarter of 2021, the cost of living in Arkansas was 14.1% lower than the national average. Housing costs in particular are significantly lower in Arkansas than in New Jersey. According to data from Zillow, as of January 2022, the median home value in Arkansas was $183,000, compared to $403,000 in New Jersey.

In addition, other daily expenses such as groceries, dining out, and transportation tend to be more affordable in Arkansas. For example, according to data from Numbeo, as of March 2023, the average cost of a meal at an inexpensive restaurant in Little Rock, Arkansas is around $10, compared to around $15 in Newark, New Jersey.

Overall, the affordable cost of living in Arkansas means that families can enjoy a higher standard of living without having to spend as much money on basic necessities. This can free up more resources for savings, investments, or other important family priorities.

Scenic natural beauty: 

Arkansas is home to a stunning landscape of mountains, forests, and rivers. If your family enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, camping, fishing, and boating, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to explore and enjoy nature in Arkansas.

Arkansas is home to a diverse range of natural landscapes and attractions that offer stunning scenery and outdoor recreational opportunities for families. Here are a few examples:

Ozark Mountains: The Ozark Mountains are a scenic mountain range that covers much of northern Arkansas. The region features rolling hills, deep forests, and clear streams, making it a popular destination for hiking, camping, fishing, and boating. Some popular spots in the Ozarks include the Buffalo National River, the Ozark National Forest, and the White River.

Hot Springs National Park: Located in central Arkansas, Hot Springs National Park is home to a range of natural hot springs that have been used for relaxation and healing for centuries. Visitors can soak in the hot springs, hike the park’s many trails, and explore the historic Bathhouse Row.

Crater of Diamonds State Park: Located in southwestern Arkansas, Crater of Diamonds State Park is the only diamond-producing site in the world that is open to the public. Visitors can search for diamonds and other gems in the park’s 37-acre diamond field, and keep any gems they find.

Lake Ouachita: Lake Ouachita is a large, clear lake located in western Arkansas. The lake offers fishing, boating, and swimming opportunities, as well as scenic hiking trails and campsites.

Petit Jean State Park: Petit Jean State Park is located in central Arkansas and features rugged mountain scenery, a waterfall, and a historic lodge. Visitors can hike, camp, and explore the park’s many trails and overlooks.

Overall, the natural beauty of Arkansas offers families a range of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and explore the state’s unique scenery and attractions. Whether your family enjoys hiking, fishing, camping, or simply taking in the views, Arkansas has something to offer everyone.

Friendly communities: 

Arkansans are known for their hospitality and friendliness. You’ll find that the state has a strong sense of community and people are generally welcoming and helpful to newcomers.

Family-friendly attractions: 

Arkansas is home to many family-friendly attractions, such as the Little Rock Zoo, the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, and the Hot Springs National Park. There are also plenty of festivals and events throughout the year that cater to families.

One of the defining characteristics of Arkansas is the friendly and welcoming nature of its communities. Here are a few reasons why:

Southern hospitality: Arkansas is located in the southern United States, which is known for its culture of hospitality and warmth towards others. This can be seen in the friendly and welcoming attitudes of many Arkansans towards visitors and newcomers.

Strong sense of community: In many Arkansas towns and cities, there is a strong sense of community that is fostered by local traditions and events. This can include annual festivals, community fairs, and other events that bring people together and encourage social connections.

Volunteerism: Arkansas has a strong tradition of volunteerism, with many residents giving their time and resources to support local causes and organizations. This can create a sense of camaraderie and shared purpose among community members.

Small town charm: Many of Arkansas’s towns and cities have a small-town charm that can make visitors feel right at home. This can be seen in the quaint downtowns, friendly local businesses, and close-knit communities that characterize many Arkansas communities.

Supportive networks: For families moving to Arkansas, there are often supportive networks available to help ease the transition. This can include local parent groups, community organizations, and social clubs that provide opportunities for families to connect and build relationships with others in their new community.

Overall, the friendly and welcoming nature of Arkansas communities can make it a great place for families to build connections and feel at home. Whether you’re looking for a tight-knit community, a friendly small town, or a welcoming city, Arkansas has something to offer.

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Strong education system: 

Arkansas has a strong public education system, with many excellent schools and dedicated teachers. If you have school-aged children, you can be confident that they will receive a quality education in Arkansas.

Arkansas has a strong education system, with many excellent schools and dedicated teachers. Here are a few reasons why:

Quality of education: Arkansas has a diverse range of public and private schools that offer high-quality education to students. The state has a strong commitment to education, with a well-funded public school system that offers a range of programs and resources to support student learning.

College and university options: Arkansas is home to a number of excellent colleges and universities, including the University of Arkansas, Arkansas State University, and the University of Central Arkansas. These institutions offer a range of academic programs and research opportunities for students.

Teacher training: Arkansas has a strong tradition of teacher training, with many colleges and universities offering specialized programs for aspiring teachers. This can result in a high-quality teaching workforce that is dedicated to supporting student learning.

Extracurricular activities: Arkansas schools offer a range of extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, and theater, that can help students develop their talents and interests outside of the classroom. These activities can also help students build social connections and develop leadership skills.

Early childhood education: Arkansas has a strong commitment to early childhood education, with many public and private preschool programs available to families. This can help ensure that children are prepared for success in elementary school and beyond.

Overall, Arkansas’s strong education system can provide families with access to high-quality education and a range of academic and extracurricular opportunities for their children. Whether you’re looking for public or private schools, college or university options, or early childhood education programs, Arkansas has something to offer.

Arkansas offers a high quality of life for families, with affordable living, beautiful scenery, friendly communities, and plenty of opportunities for family fun and education. While New Jersey certainly has its own unique attractions and advantages, Arkansas may be an appealing choice for those seeking a change of pace and a new adventure.