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Our Promise to Our Customers

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You are looking to get the best moving services, and we commit to provide you the best experience.

Experienced, Professional Crews

Our Movers are each background checked and drug tested. We hire and train only the best.

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Fully licensed and insured

Golden Glove Moves Company are Fully licensed and insured

Kevin Hagarty
Kevin Hagarty
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It was amazing watching how fast they worked. And Mike, well he was just amazing the way he picked up pieces of furniture by himself to move them. Seriously! We had a pine cabinet that was six feet tall, three feet wide, and maybe 18 inches deep. He just picked it up like it was a small box! My hats off to the team!
Sam Wiliam
Sam Wiliam
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A family friend recommended Golden glove movers for my move he used about a 2 weeks ago and he said I was going to be pleased so I gived a call. The customer service with great they answered all my questions and I had a lot for a first time using a moving company. I was happy so very for choosing them on the day of the move I had more questions to the mover on how they were going to pack my Fragile item they also was helpful and they packed everything with care.
Megan Niezer
Megan Niezer
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The belongings were moves from the 3rd-floor apartments on both ends with ease and were super pleasant the whole time. The cost was great. I recommend you all to use Golden Glove movers and we also will definitely be using them the next time we move!
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis
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My experience with Golden Glove Movers was nothing less than stellar! The move was planned to last for 3 full days. Each and every day they worked with great energy. They packed fragile items with extra care. Office items were also wrapped perfectly. Everything was in to the perfection. If I find myself managing another large-scale commercial move, there is no doubt that they will be my first choice.
Jeremy Davis
Jeremy Davis
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Golden Glove Movers is absolutely one of the best moving companies I have ever used. I moved more than 10 times in the last 20 years and I've seen some good ones and also some bad companies. the way Golden treated my stuff and the quick delivery that gives them a 5-star rated.
Professional | Trusted | Reliable

Golden Glove Movers offers an array of moving services, whether you are looking for a long-distance moving company or a Commercial  mover for just a couple hours. Through experience and client comments, finding a good, reliable, and licensed moving company is one of the hardest parts of moving. 

That is why following our belief in making sure each client we help can easily find that right company for them without putting in too much effort. Our staff takes all the background checks care. Searching through the web to see if moving company “A” is insured is already taken care of. Every one of the Long Distance moving companies that work with us is guaranteed to have all the proper paperwork with the state and federal government taken care of and kept up.


On top of that, we are not afraid to do random quality checks on these Long distance movers because we know that only the moving companies that do a good job continuously are the ones that are good enough to be associated with Moving Company One. Our company promises to do all the hard leg work for you and help you find that company that will do the hard work for you during your move. The long Distance moving companies that are selected to work with us are all full-service movers, which means they are fully capable of doing everything that you need, from packing and unpacking to loading and unloading and everything in between. So look no further and choose Moving Company One to help you find the perfect long Distance mover for you.

Packing & Unpacking

Golden Glove Movers offers a range of services catered to how much you want to get involved in your moving process. We offer housecleaning service and are prepared to pack, box, load, unload, and unpack all your luggage for every aspect of the relocation – as well as offering carpentry, television, and AV installation services. Our careful skilled movers are trained to safely pack items of varying size, value, or fragility – from pianos and china, to bookshelves and furniture.

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We are parents, friends, runners, gardeners, jokesters, and more

We are passionate about partnering with good people and organizations to produce exceptional moving service for all relocation needs.

Our Process


Envisioning a perfect efficient move? When you decide to contact Golden Glove Movers you will consult live with an agent experienced with moving customers in your same neighborhood or area, Contact Golden Glove Movers for the established pinnacle of stress-free total moving service. Our employees are the best in the business; our employees are paid higher than any old man with a van, ensuring our priority of quality in all we do. We can be reached by phone or email and will respond promptly and clearly to any submitted request or question


Golden Glove Movers offers clear and precise estimates for a complete moving package, with zero hidden fees or nickle-and-diming. Upon request we offer a flat rate quote for the entire process. We will set a date and time in advance for our trucks to arrive at your origin point to pick up your luggage.


Moving can be complicated; we recommend keeping packed objects consolidated and organized by room, as well as packing bags for luggage to be transported separately. The night before the move, confirm that the materials are organized and labeled – and then relax; we will efficiently take care of the entire packing process the following day. We offer an additional packing service; we will wrap and package every object of your luggage for transportation, so you don’t have to lift a finger. Rest assured that your move will not only be handled by an experienced foreman but that the home office will be available to address any issues that arise.


On the day of your relocation, our moving team will wrap all of your furniture and any loose fragile items will be boxed. After documenting all objects being moved, the movers provide you with an inventory form, and load all objects for transportation. We will provide a specific delivery time and wait for your arrival at your new home. Also, Golden Glove Movers dispatchers will never send out a crew without previous instructions of how to drive to each location. This is all to ensure that the move itself will be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Unpacking is a fast process; our movers will unload all packed objects, assemble furniture such as bed frames or tables, and provide you with delivery receipts. Once fully moved in, payment can be processed via cash, credit, or check.

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